Today, proprietary interests are taking ever more control of our technology, education, and culture.

By coordinating, we can fund the progress we want without sacrificing our freedoms… — clearing the path to a Free/Libre/Open world
a work in progress: public ALPHA — not functioning yet

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Our core team is supported by a growing community.

There are many ways to get involved from site development and design to legal help to community organizing and more.

Now recruiting projects

If you are involved in a free/libre/open project interested being included when we launch, please contact us.


Our goal is to use the patronage system itself to fund ongoing development, but plain old donations today will help us get the site fully operating.

Paypal can work without proprietary JavaScript, and while it isn't our ideal, it is popular and easy to use.
(U.S.-based donors)
Donate with Dwolla
Dwolla avoids credit-cards and has very low fees: Free for payments under $10, otherwise 25¢. Unfortunately, Dwolla seems to require proprietary JavaScript, and you must create a Dwolla account.
We will soon have a smoother process, but for now, contact us, and we can send you a BTC invoice with an address.
We're working to add more payment options soon. If anyone prefers, we will also accept checks through the mail.
Please note: is legally incorporated as a non-profit cooperative in Michigan and planning for 501(c)(4) status. Because we are not a traditional 501(c)(3) charity, donations to us are not tax-deductible.