This very website,, is supported by its own crowdmatching mechanism!


Snowdrift currently has a crowd of 82 patrons. The current value of a pledge is 8ยข, and the project's monthly income is $6.72. Of course, these numbers will change as the number of patrons changes.


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Updates and Announcements

  1. See the blog on our wiki
  2. Code activity at


We are currently working on improved explanations, videos, and web design to express the details and importance of our crowdmatching system and the value of public goods. We have much work to do finalizing a professional-quality user interface for the process not only of pledging but for projects signing up for the platform. We also have legal and structural work to do in building out the full co-op governance.

For more details on what your donations support, see the planning section of our wiki and our project management stuff at our project

Transparency report

Although we hope to add a more standardized report eventually, we maintain a wiki page with an accounting summary so patrons can understand how we have used funds in the past and where any outside income comes from.